Hick Bloomfield

One of the benefits of having the name Richard is that there are many nicknames, variants and pet-name versions of the name.

Here’s just a few that I’ve been used or been called over the years:

  • Rich
  • Richie
  • Rick
  • Ricko
  • Rickie
  • Dick
  • Dickie
  • Ricardo

However there was one that I hadn’t heard of before, and that’s the name ‘Hick’. Apparently it’s a valid variant of Richard, albeit one that doesn’t necessarily have positive connotations surrounding it. It’s not a common variant of Richard, and certainly I’ve never come across someone with the first name of Hick before.

So I wondered if I should start using the name – just to be unique – rather than to promote my unsophisticated provincial characteristics.

At the moment there aren’t any proper google pages showing the name “Hick Bloomfield” (until this one get’s indexed!), so I could be the first!

What do you think?